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1. Software Engineer:
Responsibilities: in LCD TV, LCD Monitor, DVB software design;
Requirements: C language-based, experience a little LCD screen, independent done related priority projects.

2. cabling engineers:
Responsibilities: Using Protel or Power PCB and other EDA software to do layout;
Requirements: proficient use Protel or Power PCB EDA software, etc., or a year, with an electronic related professional work experience is preferred.

3. Hardware Engineer:
Responsibilities: Principles in LCD TV, Monitor, DVB and other products drawing design and debug related products;
1) the need for debugging experience the power, TV, DVB or DVD etc;
2) LCD industry experience, familiar with analog and digital audio and video design, universal device requirements. LCD panels for more than 2 years
Experience in product design;
3) well-known principle of LCD TV, LCD Monitor indicators and test methods or subjective evaluation requirements, and reach to
The implementation of various requirements;
4) able to complete LCD TV hardware design (schematic composition, PCBLayout, BOM production, commissioning).

4. Test Engineer:
Responsibilities: in LCD TV, Monitor, DVB model, prototype testing and results analysis;
Requirements: Must be familiar with various types of test equipment or television, DVD product standards take precedence.

5. Production Engineer:

Duties: track, control of product quality; coordinating the work of the plant;
Requirements: Familiar with SMT production experience and plug-in process.

6. Electronic Technician:
Responsibilities: Maintenance and reporting model for circuit analysis, the model of welding; BOM list for review;
Requirements: Understanding electronics devices or are familiar with the assembly process priority.

7. R & D Assistant / Clerk:
Responsibilities: R & D document management and coordination and preparation of BOM;
Requirements: Familiar hardware related basic knowledge and understanding of electronic components and materials.

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